Are You Afraid To Really Live?

“Rather, be fixed in the Self and act according to nature without the thought of doership. Then the results of action will not affect you….”
— Sri Ramana Maharshi
Within the order of the universe, there’s constant change, which should be obvious by now. This change is so infinite and complex, there’s nothing in life you can hold on to. There’s no sense of security. Anything can happen at any time. One minute, there’s love; the next minute, hate. One minute, you’re wealthy, the next, you’re poor. One minute, you’re alive, the next, you’re facing death….
When you release control and simply live – just like nature – without any plans or expectations, somehow… the right thing happens at the right time, in the right way…. Always. Like nature, you naturally know what to do each moment, just like a baby cries when hungry and sleeps when tired….
Nature functions in perfect order with the most precise precision. But nature isn’t thinking about that. The sun doesn’t say, “Okay, now I need to rise and shine, and wake up the world.” A beetle doesn’t say, “Okay, I need to go there for food, then I need to go over there so I don’t get stepped on….” Everything simply is as it is. It simply does what it does, naturally.
You don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. When you focus on your actions, manners, public image… you can really screw things up. Then you inevitably look and act unnatural, which doesn’t feel good for anybody. This is how all the evil in the world happens – which is nature distorted.
When you stop focusing on what you should do, what you’re going to do, how you look when you’re doing it… you can simply be as you are. Your body can function naturally, your logic can function naturally, your emotions, your relationships, your work, your entire life flows naturally in universal harmony. This is the most beautiful, wonderful thing possible – and it’s so simple. This is how you can be your best self, and enjoy your best life.
You might not know what’s going to happen – ever. You might do one thing and get another thing. But that doesn’t matter, because “results” don’t matter. Good or bad, life is a brilliant, beautiful orchestra. Diversity in perfect harmony. All the ups and downs, silence and crescendos, even your fears are needed to create, express, and experience Harmony of the Whole. Yep, even fear and death are part of universal harmony – IF you’re aligned with nature.
All you have to do is get in flow and play your part – by being exactly as you are. You don’t even have to think about it; just enjoy the amazingness of it all. Enjoy your own music, your own part in the drama. Somehow, it all works out – perfectly and beautifully.