Can The Mind Be Controlled?

They say “it’s all in your mind.”

“The power of thoughts.”

“Your thoughts create your reality.”

“Control your thoughts, control your life.”

“Reprogram the mind with positive thoughts.”

But anyone who tries to control their mind or reprogram their thoughts knows that’s a no-win game. Trying to control the mind is like trying to conquer evil in the world. The more rules and laws you make, the more control you enforce… the more evil becomes a mastermind at hiding, manipulating, and propagating.
It isn’t about controlling your thoughts, or programming the mind. It isn’t about controlling reality, yourself, your life, or others…. It’s about realizing the mind is an intelligent computer.
The computer known as the mind is brilliant. It can be really useful. You can learn things and use that knowledge to say, build a car. Or create a beautiful work of art.
But you can turn the computer off any time. How do you turn it off? By realizing the computer isn’t you; the mind is just a computer like the one sitting on your desk.
When you sit back and watch your thoughts, now you know the mind isn’t you. Now you know the mind is just a computer.
Like any computer, the mind runs on code. It’s running on universal code in which the entire Cosmos functions according to natural laws and order.
If you mess with that code, or try to “reprogram” the mind, or consume substances that distort or destroy brain function, you run into problems. There’s no need to mess with your natural brilliant intelligence; only utilize it. Then turn it off.
Turning off a computer is simple. If you forgot how to turn off the computer mind, consider meditation or deep relaxation for pure calm.
Or, just watch your thoughts and let them be, like the wind randomly blowing in all directions. You can simply stand there, stable and calm, even in a wind storm. Then walk away, forget the storm. The wind stops.
Thoughts are the data input from your social indoctrination such as parents, teachers, books, videos, movies, news, social media…. As you watch your thoughts, you might notice they’re just repeating scripts of a movie you watched – or commercials. You might notice your thoughts are terrible, and even wrong.
When you watch your thoughts, you naturally become more selective with the data you feed your mind. You might lose interest in the books you read or music you listen to. You may decide to use your computer mind for something more intelligent, creative, or useful.
But the mind is and always will be just a computer loaded with data. The mind isn’t you. It isn’t good or evil. It’s just a very brilliant tool you can use any way you’d like. The mind is just a computer; you’re the computer user. You’re free to use it, then turn it off or put it to sleep when not using it.