Design Your Perfect Morning Ritual

Is it a GLOBAL BATTLE to get out bed every morning?

Do you FORCE YOURSELF out of bed even though you would rather sleep?

Or do you wake up feeling AMAZED and PASSIONATE about this BRAND NEW DAY?

If you aren’t HAPPY TO BE ALIVE at the dawn of each morning, we’ve got some work to do!

Happy To Be Alive?

If you don’t feel passionate about life, you’re likely missing one of these 7 PILLARS OF HEALTH:
  1. Plenty of WHOLE, NATURAL food
  2. Body movement that feels GOOD
  3. Deep sleep
  5. Things you ABSOLUTELY LOVE that make you LOOK AND FEEL your BEST
  6. A COMMUNITY with common aspirations to LEARN
  7. Your LIFE PASSION instead of addictions

The perfect MORNING RITUAL will CONTRIBUTE to your overall health and ultimate PLEASURE OF LIFE.
It will also TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION how YOUR body FEELS each morning.

But the PERFECT MORNING RITUAL isn’t just about HEALTH. And it isn’t JUST about PLEASURE.

The perfect morning ritual (and LIFE ITSELF) is about HEALTHY PLEASURES. This is the SECRET KEY to YOUR MOST FULFILLING EXISTENCE.

How do you find your healthy pleasures?

To discover your PERSONAL healthy pleasures, you need SELF-AWARENESS.

Self-awareness is the primary focus and objective of MEDITATION and ENLIGHTENMENT.

How can you truly LIVE and enjoy your life if you don’t KNOW YOURSELF?

A TERRIBLE Morning Routine

You may have been trained from a young age to wake up every morning to a jolting alarm and rush to get dressed, eat something with caffeine or sugar, and go to a school or job YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE.

Is that REALLY how you want to spend your PRECIOUS MORNING? What do you REALLY think and how do you REALLY feel about that?

What does that CONDITIONED BEHAVIOR PATTERN assume about life and your own existence?

That attitude might make life appear rather BLEAK – or at least NOT FUN. That behavior makes you look like a CONTROLLED ROBOT rather than the dynamic, blissful, ALIVE being that you ARE.

Maybe you have a different morning routine now. But that boring and oppressive CONDITIONED BEHAVIOR PATTERN still controls your morning ATTITUDE. And we can’t have that, now can we?

How About A STELLAR Morning Ritual?

What if you were NOT a mere wage slave (you really are NOT) and what if you had ABSOLUTE FREEDOM (you really do have this freedom) to do ANYTHING YOU WANT every morning?

Even if you HAVE to get out of bed EARLIER than you would like and even if you HAVE to go to school or a job you don’t LOVE… you STILL have freedom to make your morning ritual THE BEST MORNING RITUAL EVER.

And that ATTITUDE OF FREEDOM in the morning can eventually carry over to the REST OF YOUR DAY as well.

So, let’s start there.


Only YOU can KNOW what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do every morning according to how YOUR body FEELS.

And maybe that ritual will CHANGE over time as you become more SELF-AWARE.

To design your PERFECT MORNING RITUAL, you need to know what YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND VALUE and what makes you personally LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST. #selfawareness

Maybe your PERFECT MORNING RITUAL involves:
  • Taking time to BREATHE and open your eyes slowly and gently
  • Clearing and calming your mind with TEA and MEDITATION
  • JOURNALING your honest thoughts and feelings and DESIGNING YOUR MOST FABULOUS LIFE
  • A natural, revitalizing FACIAL or BATH SPA
  • Picking out your BEST OUTFIT and rocking your BEST STYLE
  • Going for a short, brisk WALK as you watch the SUNRISE
  • Feeling the FRESH MORNING AIR on your face as you WAIT FOR THE BUS
  • Jumping right in to YOUR CREATIVE PROJECTS
  • Taking care of MUNDANE TASKS to feel ACCOMPLISHED and CLEAR
  • Saying ‘Good Morning’ MINDFULLY to people you LOVE with cuddles

Or maybe your perfect morning ritual will be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE. It all depends on YOU and WHAT YOU’RE HERE FOR.

My personal morning ritual goes something like this:

  • Breathe in meditation
  • Wait for clear, inspired direction for work projects
  • Goddess Beauty Ritual: Mini facial, bath, matcha tea
  • Say a quick ‘good morning’ to loved ones
  • Jump into projects!

Daily Practice Instructions

Please read these instructions before starting the Daily Practice.

  • You can journal, talk it out, create art, or SAFELY EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS any way you’d like.
  • Focus on ONE issue at a time to keep it simple.
  • Expect RESISTANCE to this daily practice! Resistance can take the form of being too busy, overwhelmed, or confused to do the Daily Practice.
  • It generally takes 3 – 6 weeks to DEPROGRAM from POWERFUL SOCIAL CONDITIONING that trains you to numb, escape, distrust, or be afraid of your feelings.
  • When you complete a full round of questions, you should feel AMAZING. If you don’t feel absolutely AMAZING, your issue has not yet been integrated.
  • Just one round of questions can help you feel better IMMEDIATELY. Feeling a little better allows you to go deeper into your issue each day until it’s FULLY INTEGRATED and you FEEL FABULOUS.

Daily Practice

Design your perfect morning ritual with this awareness technique.

  2. What do you REALLY THINK and how do you REALLY FEEL about this morning routine?
  3. What do your HONEST THOUGHTS and FEELINGS tell you about WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE and VALUE?
  4. How can you EXPERIENCE what you REALLY LOVE and VALUE in a way that makes you FEEL YOUR BEST every morning?

Daily Practice Example

  1. What is your CURRENT MORNING ROUTINE? Use the bathroom, drink coffee, get dressed, make school lunches, drop kids off at school, go to work.
  2. What do you REALLY THINK and how do you REALLY FEEL about this morning routine? I enjoy my morning coffee and dropping the kids off but otherwise I don’t like it. It feels stale, monotonous, and tiresome. I dread the morning alarm.
  3. What do your HONEST THOUGHTS and FEELINGS tell you about WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE and VALUE? I really love and value waking up gradually with the sunrise, feeling loved and giving love, mindfully nurturing my body, feeling alive and awake and passionate for my work projects.
  4. How can you EXPERIENCE what you REALLY LOVE and VALUE in a way that makes you FEEL YOUR BEST every morning? I can focus and resolve to make BOLD life changes that allow me to wake up with the sunrise each morning, ENJOY my loved ones, look and feel my best, and contribute work that utilizes my personal skills and personal PASSION.