Envy Isn’t What You Think It Is

Use the illusion of envy to reach your highest potential with this awareness technique.

The first thing to understand about envy is:

Envy is not envy.

It APPEARS as though envy gets triggered in you when you see someone who has something you want, such as:
  • An abundance of money
  • A creative, successful business
  • Fame, attention, or admiration
  • A thriving social media platform
  • A lot of friends
  • An attractive face or body
  • A beautiful, happy relationship or loving family
  • A healthy, fit, or hardworking lifestyle
  • A gorgeous home
  • An expensive car
  • Stylish clothes
  • A confident or badass attitude
However… you might notice a common theme in the list above:

The things you envy about another person is assumed according to THEIR PUBLIC IMAGE.

Humans typically put a lot of time, effort, and money into an attractive PUBLIC IMAGE as a way to COVER UP how they REALLY FEEL inside and what is REALLY going on in their lives.

When a person’s outer image appears more attractive than how they really FEEL, the FRICTION between their inner self and outer image radiates a TERRIBLE energy.

A human may lie but their energy never lies.

That terrible energy may get translated as envy. People assume the person who appears happy, beautiful, and wealthy HAS SOMETHING THEY DON’T HAVE, which makes the happy, beautiful, wealthy person a BETTER person.

But people who read energy KNOW this terrible energy isn’t ENVY at all. That terrible energy is a deceptive ACT intended to TRIGGER envy in other people.

If a person can trigger envy in other people, it can give them a false sense of SUPERIORITY AND SECURITY.

Basically, when you feel ENVY, what you are REALLY FEELING is the HORRIBLENESS of a FAKE PUBLIC IMAGE intended to DECEIVE you into thinking that person is BETTER than they really are.

Bad feelings such as “envy” get a BAD RAP. You’ve been taught in many ways from different sources that it’s WRONG to feel bad feelings. However, BAD FEELINGS are a WARNING SIGNAL in order to PROTECT you from a DANGEROUS, DECEPTIVE, or MANIPULATIVE situation.

The real essence of “ENVY” is a pretentious, manipulative act intended to make you feel inferior, siphon your personal power, and keep you under their control.

You might think, “Wait a minute. The person I envy was just innocently walking down the street. They didn’t intend any harm. My envy must be my own fault.
But think again. Humans tend to wear layers of masks. This means that most humans are stuck in a fake life = always wanting to be liked and admired in place of GENUINE SELF EXPRESSION and TRUE HUMAN CONNECTIONS.

Have you ever noticed you feel the terrible energy of “envy” with more fake, shallow, or showy people than you do with true souls? That’s because true souls aren’t trying to siphon the power of your attention and admiration to feed their false perceptions of superiority.

And humans are crafty. Even authenticity can be used to elicit envy. Be aware of what Graham calls, ‘asshole authenticity.’

Just because a person appears humble doesn’t mean they’re a true soul.

Just because a person appears happy doesn’t mean they’re really happy.

Just because a person looks beautiful doesn’t mean they’re a beautiful person.

Just because a person appears rich doesn’t mean they’re truly wealthy.

Just because a person hires a creative designer doesn’t mean they’re personally creative.

Just because a person has a PR team to maintain their brand doesn’t mean that is who they are.

Of course, you are also at fault in this scenario. But only if YOU BELIEVE THE LIE.


Well… you are likely doing the SAME THING: Trying to deceive others with your own false public image in some way.

This is why another person’s PRETENTIOUS PUBLIC IMAGE upsets you SO MUCH; otherwise, who cares? Their actions don’t affect you.
This is also why THEIR lie gets diverted into YOUR “envy” and also into your GUILT.

Now there’s NO NEED TO BLAME YOURSELF OR OTHERS for our PRETENTIOUS ACTS AND FAKE MASKS. We ALL play a role in the exciting, fascinating, beautiful HUMAN DRAMA.

But it’s IMPORTANT to understand what is the REAL horrible feeling you get when you look at someone and feel what you THINK is envy.

If you think you feel ENVY, you might try to STEP UP YOUR GAME and BEAT THE COMPETITION. But that will only make you feel WORSE.

You will suffer MORE because the REAL cause of your misery isn’t envy. The real cause is: TRYING TO BE SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT.

When you don’t allow yourself to think your honest thoughts, feel your honest feelings, and BE your honest self, you BETRAY yourself and your own existence.

Self-betrayal – not being your true self – is the cause of ALL SUFFERING.

When you TRY TO BE SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT, you will actively search out and FIND ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE you can feel “envious” of. These are ALSO people trying to be someone they are not.

Finding other fake people to let you down and hurt you is the pain of your own fake life trying to COMPLETE ITSELF.

Let me put that another way:

Feeling “envious” of pretentious people and fake public images is your own pain of self-betrayal trying to COMPLETE ITSELF. Your pain wants to be FULLY FELT through the painful desire and disillusionment of popular people so you can stop wanting the illusion that hurts you.
The only way out of that mess is to FEEL YOUR PAIN OF “ENVY”, AKA, SELF-BETRAYAL.

Eventually, you wake up and realize

that self-betrayal isn’t worth the false acceptance you got from it.

That’s the BAD NEWS. The good news is once you complete the pain of fake people and fake lives, you can finally JUST BE YOU.

This means you no longer have to try as hard as you can to be happier, more attractive, more rich and successful. That will only give you more of the misery called self-betrayal.

The solution is to SIMPLY BE AS YOU ARE – even if you are a sick, poor, ugly, failing MESS.

You won’t BELIEVE how good it feels to finally give up the NEVER-ENDING STRUGGLE to beat the competition and to DEEPLY RELAX into the PURE AUTHENTIC BEING that is YOU.

And there’s a BONUS. When you are the real you, whether rich or poor, sick or healthy, ugly or beautiful… you find yourself NATURALLY RISING TO YOUR BEST POTENTIAL!

Why? Because living true makes you feel GOOD and you can actually ENJOY YOUR LIFE instead of WASTING YOUR ENERGY BY WORKING HARD TO FALSELY FEEL SUPERIOR to other people.


Because living true makes you FEEL GOOD INWARDLY.

Then your FEEL GOOD energy radiates OUTWARDLY.

That’s what people REALLY want

Even if people are falsely drawn to influencers they “envy” to complete their pain.

Your BEST potential is your TRUEST potential. Everything else is a FAKE, PRETENTIOUS PUBLIC IMAGE that radiates a TERRIBLE energy within yourself and out to others.

There is no REAL happiness, REAL art, REAL beauty, or REAL success unless you LIVE as the REAL you.


is the ONLY real happiness

the ONLY true art

the ONLY genuine beauty

and the ONLY fulfilling success.

Daily Practice Instructions

Please read these instructions before starting the Daily Practice.

  • You can journal, talk it out, create art, or SAFELY EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS any way you’d like.
  • Focus on ONE issue at a time to keep it simple.
  • Expect RESISTANCE to this daily practice! Resistance can take the form of being too busy, overwhelmed, or confused to do the Daily Practice.
  • It generally takes 3 – 6 weeks to DEPROGRAM from POWERFUL SOCIAL CONDITIONING that trains you to numb, escape, distrust, or be afraid of your feelings.
  • When you complete a full round of questions, you should feel AMAZING. If you don’t feel absolutely AMAZING, your issue has not yet been integrated.
  • Just one round of questions can help you feel better IMMEDIATELY. Feeling a little better allows you to go deeper into your issue each day until it’s FULLY INTEGRATED and you FEEL FABULOUS.

Daily Practice

Use the illusion of envy to reach your highest potential with this awareness technique.

  1. WHO AND WHAT are you envious of?
  2. In what ways could this trait or possession be a FAKE DISPLAY?
  3. What is the TRUE QUALITY ESSENCE of that trait or possession?
  4. How can you experience this true quality essence WITHIN so that it naturally radiates WITHOUT?

Daily Practice Example

  1. WHO AND WHAT are you envious of? Popular YouTubers with a lot of subscribers.
  2. In what ways could this trait or possession be a FAKE DISPLAY? Just because they have a lot of subscribers doesn’t necessarily mean they are producing genuine/original, creative, revolutionary content. In fact, many use click bait, subtle egoism and human shaming to manipulate naive people. Or they tell their audience what they want to hear to get more likes.
  3. What is the TRUE QUALITY ESSENCE of that trait or possession? Real quality YouTube content is GENUINE/ORIGINAL, CREATIVE, REVOLUTIONARY.
  4. How can you experience this true quality essence WITHIN so that it naturally radiates WITHOUT? I can use awareness techniques to get in touch with my own genuine, creative, revolutionary SELF then simply have fun expressing myself to the world.