From Fear To A Life You LOVE

Transform fear into your best life with this integration technique.

You’ve heard it many times. Everyone tells you to overcome your fears. Okay, so, how do you overcome your fears?

The only thing you need to do to overcome your fears is to STOP TRYING TO OVERCOME YOUR FEARS.

But wait, how do you stop trying to GET RID of your fears and why would you want to?

When you understand what fear REALLY is, you will no longer BE AFRAID of fear. Instead, you will WELCOME your fears. You will naturally RESPECT your fears. And you will wisely LISTEN to your fears.

When you accept and listen to your fears, you no longer NEED your fears. That’s when they simply DISAPPEAR.

But when you IGNORE, SUPPRESS, OR TRY TO FIGHT your fears, your fears only multiply or they grow MORE POWERFUL.

Why do your fears become more powerful when you resist them? Because YOUR FEARS ARE TRYING TO KEEP YOU SAFE.

Your fears are IMPORTANT. Your fears are your NATURAL evolutionary defense mechanism NEEDED to ENSURE YOUR SURVIVAL AND HAPPINESS.

When you IGNORE your fears, that puts you AT RISK for some kind of danger or unhappiness.

What if I told you that… fear is NEVER a problem. Fear is ALWAYS on your side. Fear is ALWAYS trying to PROTECT you and your loved ones.

Fear is a VALID, AWARE, INTELLIGENT, WISE emotion. There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with your fears.

Fear only becomes a problem when fear is SUPPRESSED.

When your fears are SUPPRESSED, you get a deep, terrible, disturbed feeling any time a situation or memory TRIGGERS it.

But see, there’s nothing wrong with fear except when you try to IGNORE it. SUPPRESSED fear makes you feel TERRIBLE, ANXIOUS, and POWERLESS.

When you accept, respect, and LISTEN to your fear, your fear feels like a NEUTRAL ENERGY WAVE that you can use to SPRING INTO ACTION.

When fear isn’t repressed, fear actually feels QUITE EXHILARATING and EMPOWERING.

When you jump off a rock into a lake, there might be some fear, but fear makes the experience THAT MUCH MORE EXCITING. But if you tried to REPRESS your fear, you might AVOID the thrills of life altogether. Eventually, you might feel as though you are MISSING OUT ON LIFE ITSELF.
For example, let’s say you’re afraid of snakes. Maybe you jump in terror when you see just a TWIG on the ground. Maybe you avoid areas with snakes at all cost. Maybe you even avoid movies, books, images, and conversations about snakes…. Even if you aren’t immediately AWARE of your fear, your fear is always CONTROLLING your life.

But what if you LISTENED to your fear instead of trying to avoid it?

There’s nothing wrong with a fear of snakes! Some snakes are poisonous. Fear might motivate you to LEARN about snakes and take SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. You might learn that very few snakes are actually poisonous and that snake bite fatalities are EXTREMELY RARE. There’s a greater chance of being struck by lightening. Still, you might learn how to ‘snake proof’ your yard. You might learn what to do if you encounter a snake or get bit by a snake, such as seek medical care immediately which decreases the chance of fatality even MORE. Now, you no longer need your VERY VALID FEAR of snakes. Now you can enjoy CALM, CONFIDENT SECURITY even around snakes, thanks to YOUR FEAR which motivated you to ENSURE YOUR SAFETY.

Can you see how fears of abandonment, betrayal, poverty, starvation, disease, and premature death are the NECESSARY INSPIRATION to TAKE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS so you can enjoy A HEALTHY, HAPPY, LONG LIFE?

Can you also see how FORCING YOURSELF TO PUSH THROUGH your fears can result in YOUR VERY FEARS COMING TO PASS because you failed to respect the casualties and hazards of life?

Your stress, worries, anxiety, nightmares, and panic attacks are trying to TELL YOU SOMETHING. For example, if an advertisement for school supplies gives you an anxiety attack, perhaps traditional education is not for you. Your anxiety can motivate you to look for education alternatives which could be positively LIFE-CHANGING for you and save you from a LIFETIME of stress, boredom, and unhappiness in traditional institutions.

When you avoid or resist your fears OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, suppressed fear can become A ROOT PATTERN OF SUFFERING. That’s when you feel anxious ALL THE TIME, SEEMINGLY for no reason at all.

When fear becomes a deeply rooted behavior pattern called ANXIETY, this is when TOO MANY FEARS have been REPRESSED for TOO LONG.

What can you do when fear becomes constant? You can start listening to your fears and turn those fears into YOUR BEST LIFE. When you don’t know what you’re afraid of, you can start with the fear of fear ITSELF.

Even your so-called irrational fears are INTELLIGENT and VITAL. Your fear of getting ABDUCTED by an EVIL DARK LORD from OUTER SPACE could be asking you to RESEARCH AND UNDERSTAND THE EXISTENTIAL NATURE of reality. Or, maybe it’s inspiring you to learn about possible extraterrestrial activity which could be a thrilling, enriching life experience for you.

When you LISTEN to your fears, they show you what YOU really WANT and DON’T WANT. The motivating energy force of fear EMPOWERS you and gives you BOLDNESS to DISCOVER and follow your LIFE PASSION.

That’s right, your fears are important CLUES to your LIFE PASSION.

What are you afraid of? If you can look a little deeper into your fear, you can awaken to your LIFE PASSION. You only need to ACCEPT YOUR EMOTIONS instead of RUNNING from them.

To discover your life passion, just look at your most RELENTLESS FEAR.

  • Are you most afraid of going into debt? Maybe your life passion is to learn and share how to climb your way out of debt.
  • Are you most afraid of being alone? Maybe your life passion is to plan social events for lonely people.
  • Are you most afraid of public speaking? Maybe your life passion is to help people develop their public speaking skills.
  • Are you most afraid of sharks? Maybe your life passion is to study aquatic animals.
  • Are you most afraid of mental illness? Maybe your life passion is to write a book on mental health.
  • Are you most afraid of dying? Maybe your life passion is to learn how to assist those who are passing.
  • Are you most afraid of work meetings? Maybe you can pass a political bill that bans mandatory attendance at meetings in which ALL OF HUMANITY CELEBRATES!
  • Are you getting the picture?


Maybe you’re afraid of not having someone to nurture and care for, but you’re also afraid of the strenuous commitment and cost of raising children. Maybe what you REALLY want is a couple of pet dogs.

Positive Aspects of Fear:

  • Fear tells you what you REALLY love and want.
  • Fear gives you immediate CLARITY.
  • Fear motivates DECISIONS that feel GOOD and CONFIDENT.
  • Fear gives you an ENERGY surge to go the extra distance.
  • Fear ensures you and your loved ones are SAFE.
  • Fear means you’re ALIVE and PASSIONATE about life.
  • Fear is your SUPERPOWER.

Popular Beliefs About Fear That AREN’T TRUE:

  • “You should never listen to your fear.”
  • “Fear isn’t real.”
  • “Fear is irrational.”
  • “Conquer your fears!”
  • “Do it anyway.”
  • “Fear paralyzes you.”
  • “Fear is the path to the dark side.”
  • “Fear leads to anger, hate, suffering.”

Remember: Fear is NOT a problem. But REPRESSED fear is a BIG problem.

When you practice integrating your fears, you will begin to see the IMMENSE VALUE of your fears

And how your fears are necessary to KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE AND WANT.

Ignoring or “pushing through” your fears can DESTROY the very things you love and want.

Daily Practice Instructions

Please read these instructions before starting the Daily Practice.

  • You can journal, talk it out, create art, or SAFELY EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS any way you’d like.
  • Focus on ONE issue at a time to keep it simple.
  • Expect RESISTANCE to this daily practice! Resistance can take the form of being too busy, overwhelmed, or confused to do the Daily Practice.
  • It generally takes 3 – 6 weeks to DEPROGRAM from POWERFUL SOCIAL CONDITIONING that trains you to numb, escape, distrust, or be afraid of your feelings.
  • When you complete a full round of questions, you should feel AMAZING. If you don’t feel absolutely AMAZING, your issue has not yet been integrated.
  • Just one round of questions can help you feel better IMMEDIATELY. Feeling a little better allows you to go deeper into your issue each day until it’s FULLY INTEGRATED and you FEEL FABULOUS.

Daily Practice

Transform fear into your BEST LIFE with this integration technique.

  1. What are you AFRAID OF?
  2. What is the main desire associated with this fear? What are you afraid of NOT HAVING, NOT GETTING, NOT ACHIEVING, OR NOT EXPERIENCING?
  3. What does your fear tell you that you REALLY LOVE AND VALUE?
  4. How can you use your fear as motivation or inspiration to PROTECT, OBTAIN, ACHIEVE, OR EXPERIENCE what you really love and value?

Daily Practice Example

  1. What are you AFRAID OF? I’m afraid of flying on planes.
  2. What is the main desire associated with this fear? What are you afraid of NOT HAVING, NOT GETTING, NOT ACHIEVING, OR NOT EXPERIENCING? I’m afraid of not feeling safe in an airplane, not enjoying my travels, and not being able to travel.
  3. What does your fear tell you that you REALLY LOVE AND VALUE? I love and value transportation safety and getting where I’d like to go safely so I can relax and enjoy the ride.
  4. How can you use your fear as motivation or inspiration to PROTECT, OBTAIN, ACHIEVE, OR EXPERIENCE what you really love and value? I can research the safety factors of flying on planes and learn what to do in case of an emergency. If I feel that airplane travel is worth the safety risk, I can relax and enjoy the flight. I can bring a list of safety factors with me on the plane to help keep me calm, if necessary. If my research shows a different form of transportation is safer, I can make that form of transportation a priority. That way, I can FULLY ENJOY my travel adventures!