Change Bad Feelings Into Good Feelings

Change bad feelings into GOOD feelings permanently with this daily integration practice.

The problem isn’t that you feel emotional.

The problem is that you don’t feel your emotions ENOUGH.

When fully experienced to completion, negative feelings flow right past you like a wisp of wind.

Why Should You Integrate Negative Feelings?

You were probably taught to feel shame for negative emotions or be afraid of them. But these beliefs only cause you to RESIST or REPRESS your own feelings.

Negative feelings never go away until they are transformed or ‘completed’ by integrating them.

You can’t just ignore your feelings and hope they go away. You can only try to hide them from your conscious awareness by pretending they aren’t there.

People typically try to ESCAPE their negative feelings with media entertainment, socializing, sex, food, mind altering substances, or addictions in general.

When negative feelings are repressed, they create ‘energy blockages’ which can result in anxiety, depression, mental disorders, nightmares, physical illness, relationship conflict, lack of passion for life, feeling ‘stuck’ in life, confusion about what you really want, or failure to achieve your life potential.

If you don’t listen to the INTELLIGENT GUIDANCE of your negative feelings, you may find yourself on the wrong track in life, or stuck in karmic patterns of suffering.

Negative feelings ONLY cause problems and suffering when they are REPRESSED.

But Aren’t Negative Emotions Toxic?

Sometimes it takes me MONTHS of working with a client EVERY DAY before they finally realize there is NOTHING WRONG with their negative emotions! They have deeply embedded beliefs that think negative emotions are TOXIC.

In reality, ALL emotions are a natural evolutionary mechanism needed for human survival. ALL feelings are VALID and USEFUL. Even your so-called “irrational” fears can be utilized to keep you safe, secure, and calm.

As long as it’s a TRUE (honest) emotion, ALL emotions are intelligent, beautiful, and needed for VITAL LIFE GUIDANCE.

The only thing that’s toxic and irrational about emotions is

the belief that emotions are toxic and irrational.

Why Do You NEED Negative Emotions?

Most people have no problem feeling their good feelings; but they tend to resist their negative feelings.

Both positive and negative feelings are needed for balance. They work TOGETHER to guide you to your best life.

Your positive feelings tell you what you WANT.

Your negative feelings tell you what you DON’T WANT.

They work TOGETHER.

Have you ever noticed how food tastes ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS when you’re hungry or STARVING? Have you ever noticed how getting into a hot bath feels EUPHORIC when you’re freezing COLD?

Bad feelings are needed to make good feelings feel GOOD. All feelings are needed to feel, experience, and ENJOY your own LIFE. This is why you have them!

You are naturally emotional and passionate about life! If you feel NOTHING, that means your emotions are REPRESSED. This is why APATHY is considered a negative emotion.

When you accept and RESPECT your emotions, they will feel safe to come out.

Pain Is Temporary And Suffering Is Optional

Pain and negative emotions are fundamental to reality, but they were meant to be QUICK and VIRTUALLY PAINLESS. Like pulling your hand immediately off a hot stove. You just SAVED YOURSELF from a burn!

Negative emotions don’t have to make you suffer. In fact negative feelings are quite BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, and BENEFICIAL.

Negative feelings only make you suffer because of your BELIEFS about them. In reality, negative feelings are simply a WARNING SIGNAL. A warning signal can’t HARM YOU. But it can KEEP YOU FROM HARM.
If you ignore a warning signal, you will keep putting your hand on the hot stove and you will KEEP GETTING BURNED.

Your negative feelings help you make the RIGHT CHOICES in life. Do you feel like you made all the wrong decisions? Maybe you need to INTEGRATE your negative feelings.

When you FEEL your negative feelings, their energy force can INFORM, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE you to make a powerful life change. When you make that life change, you no longer need the warning signal.

The negative feeling related to that particular issue vanishes IMMEDIATELY and FOREVER. It transforms into something AMAZING – something much BETTER than you would experience WITHOUT the negative feeling!

When integrated, negative feelings become the FUEL for a deeply satisfying, genuinely fulfilling LIFE.

Negative feelings feel painful only for a VERY SHORT TIME when they’re integrated. But just because they hurt, doesn’t mean they aren’t ABSOLUTELY GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, AND INTELLIGENT. Only human ignorance could believe otherwise.

When you’re hungry, that inspires you to EAT. When you feel cold, that inspires you to GET WARM. When you feel fear, that inspires you to LOOK FOR A SAFE SPACE. When you feel lonely that inspires you to look for REAL RELATIONSHIPS.

If you don’t FULLY INTEGRATE your feelings, you will keep making WRONG life choices which turns temporary pain into LONG TERM SUFFERING.

Negative Feelings Show You What You REALLY Love

Your negative feelings are needed to experience your most beautiful, authentic, fulfilling life!

When you LISTEN to your negative feelings, now you know what you DON’T WANT. Now you have the motivation to make a DIFFERENT life choice. When you make a different choice, now you can experience LESS of what you DON’T WANT and MORE of what you DO want.

The more you allow yourself to feel your negative feelings, the faster and easier they turn into GOOD feelings.

When you LISTEN to your negative feelings, you become aware of what you REALLY love and value.

When negative feelings are ignored, shamed, or rejected, they can DESTROY the very things you love and value.

Daily Practice Instructions

Please read these instructions before starting the Daily Practice.

  • You can write your answers to the daily practice questions in a journal, or talk about your answers with a therapist, create art with your answers, or otherwise safely express them.
  • You can do the daily practice the same time every day or any time you’re suffering.
  • Expect some resistance to this daily practice! It takes generally 3 – 6 weeks to DEPROGRAM from hardcore beliefs.
  • Focus on ONE issue at a time to avoid confusion.
  • Do ALL questions until you feel FABULOUS. You can get trapped in suffering if you do not complete a whole round of questions.
  • When you complete the integration process, you should feel AMAZING. If you don’t feel absolutely AMAZING, your issue has not yet been integrated.
  • If you don’t fully integrate your issue, that’s okay. Just one round of questions can help you feel better immediately. Feeling a little better allows you to go deeper into your issue each day until it’s fully integrated.
  • If you commit to the daily practice until it ‘clicks’ – until you remember it’s your NATURAL survival mechanism – you can heal LIFETIMES of suffering IMMEDIATELY.

“The integration journal rocks!

It can heal DECADES of suffering in minutes!” – Personal Client


Change bad feelings into good feelings permanently with this awareness technique.

  1. What is the negative feeling you feel? How does this feeling make you SUFFER?
  2. As you take time to fully ACCEPT and ALLOW the negative feeling, it will begin to feel GOOD. What are the POSITIVE aspects of this negative feeling?
  3. What do the positive AND negative aspects tell you that you REALLY LOVE AND VALUE?
  4. What does this negative feeling inspire you to do DIFFERENTLY so you can EXPERIENCE what you really love and value?

Daily Practice Example:

  1. What is the negative feeling you feel? How does this feeling make you SUFFER? Sorrow. It makes me feel low, hopeless, and powerless.
  2. As you take time to fully ACCEPT and ALLOW the negative feeling, it will begin to feel GOOD. What are the POSITIVE aspects of this negative feeling? It feels GOOD to take a break from life, let go of pressure to be happy, listen to beautiful sad songs, and let myself cry.
  3. What do the positive AND negative aspects tell you that you REALLY LOVE AND VALUE? I value FREEDOM to feel my feelings. I love the RELEASE OF PRESSURE to be happy, positive, and strong. I appreciate my ability to GRIEVE mistakes and tragedies which show me what I DON’T WANT. I also love joy, light-hearted laughter, and BLISS. Ultimately, I value GROUNDED BLISS.
  4. What does this negative feeling inspire you to do differently so you can EXPERIENCE what you really love and value? I’m motivated to let go of beliefs, life choices, and people who break my spirit. I’m inspired to look for guidance, things to do, and relationships that make me BLISSFUL. When necessary, I’d like to feel sad about the mistakes and tragedies and learn what NOT to do. Then I can let those things go and FULLY ENJOY life.

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