How To Achieve Anything

How To Integrate Your Failures And Achieve Anything

When you were born as a baby human, you were PERFECT.

Even if you were born with 2 fingers and 20 toes… even if you had endless health problems… and even if you were hanging on for your very LIFE… you were still perfect.

Even if you were abused, abandoned, cold, and hungry…. Yep, you were STILL perfect.

Because YOU were a perfect being, you knew and felt that everything in the world was also perfect.


How can everything in the world be perfect when there are SO MANY PROBLEMS?

You knew the world was perfect because you were in a PERFECT STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


The problems were perfect too.

Problems are still problems, but they’re PERFECT problems.

Everything is perfect AS IT IS.

Let’s repeat that:

Everything is perfect


no matter WHAT it is.

Everything is supposed to be EXACTLY AS IT IS. A problem is SUPPOSED to be a problem. Failure is SUPPOSED to be failure. Success is SUPPOSED to be success. Why do humans fight reality and try to make things OTHER than WHAT THEY ARE? That’s just an ENDLESS battle.

When you allow everything to be exactly as it is… you’re in the perfect state of consciousness you were born with and that’s how you can achieve EVERYTHING.

When you AREN’T in your natural perfect state, you can achieve NOTHING.

Sure, you might work hard your whole life or be an Olympic champion or win the Nobel Prize or become the richest person in the world….

But unless you made your life achievements from your perfect state of consciousness, you’ll die with unhappiness, regrets, and UNREACHED POTENTIAL.

No matter how many people admire or respect you… you will have only achieved what OTHER people wanted you to achieve in order to prove yourself or earn their love…. You’ll feel as though you never really lived. You’ll feel like you were always missing something….

But that’s not the real tragedy. The real tragedy is that your REAL perfect life was always as close as your own HEARTBEAT. It was always as close as your very breath.

You could have experienced your most fulfilling, authentic, perfect life IMMEDIATELY and at ANY TIME because it’s always available right HERE AND NOW.

The clock is always ticking… but no matter what time it is, it’s always NOW. This is called the eternal now. Time is an illusion but the eternal now is the real reality.

In the eternal now, everything is already perfect exactly as it is. Your perfect life is already happening. All you have to do is be in the Here And Now to feel that everything is perfect exactly as it is.

When you try to fix things, change things, or improve something, you actually CREATE A PROBLEM.

Have you ever noticed when you try to heal yourself, there’s always more to heal? When you try to improve your life, your body, or change the world, there’s always more to change?? It never ends! You should feel ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED. But you just won’t give up!

WHEN YOU TRY TO CHANGE SOMETHING OR ACHIEVE A LIFE GOAL, your energy and your beliefs immediately CREATE A SITUATION OF PROBLEMS AND CONFLICT. You aren’t in the state of perfect. You’re in the state of FAILURE. Everything you see and do will contribute to problems, conflict, and failure.

But when you’re in your NATURAL perfect state of consciousness, everything you see and do contributes to IMMEDIATE PERFECT SUCCESS. You become good at everything you do NO MATTER WHAT YOU’RE DOING because you HONESTLY ENJOY doing it. Whether you’re meditating, building a skyscraper, creating art, or STEALING something, you will become a MASTER of your craft.

When you’re in your perfect state of being, YOUR LIFE AUTOMATICALLY CHANGES to align with PERFECT. This is how you reach your highest, most authentic life potential effortlessly. And it will naturally benefit THE WHOLE WORLD – WITHOUT TRYING TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

It all starts with seeing everything as perfect – exactly as it isHere And Now.

You can stop trying to GET OUT of your situation. You can stop trying to fix yourself and the world. That only creates an endless struggle without achieving ANYTHING. Instead, how can you see that you and your situation are PERFECT exactly as it is? Let the perfect universe make all the changes for you – effortlessly.

Daily Practice Instructions

Please read these instructions before starting the Daily Practice.

  • You can journal, talk it out, create art, or SAFELY EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS any way you’d like.
  • Focus on ONE issue at a time to keep it simple.
  • Expect RESISTANCE to this daily practice! Resistance can take the form of being too busy, overwhelmed, or confused to do the Daily Practice.
  • It generally takes 3 – 6 weeks to DEPROGRAM from POWERFUL SOCIAL CONDITIONING that trains you to numb, escape, distrust, or be afraid of your feelings.
  • When you complete a full round of questions, you should feel AMAZING. If you don’t feel absolutely AMAZING, your issue has not yet been integrated.
  • Just one round of questions can help you feel better IMMEDIATELY. Feeling a little better allows you to go deeper into your issue each day until it’s FULLY INTEGRATED and you FEEL FABULOUS.

Daily Practice

How To Integrate Your Failures And Achieve Anything

  1. What do you feel you need to FIX, CHANGE, IMPROVE, OR ACHIEVE?
  2. What is SOMETHING GOOD that can come from this situation if you LET IT BE exactly as it is?
  3. How is your situation PERFECT EXACTLY AS IT IS?

Daily Practice Example

  1. What do you feel you need to FIX, CHANGE, IMPROVE, OR ACHIEVE? I have painful health problems and I need to get healthy but I don’t want to. So I live on pain killers.
  2. What is SOMETHING GOOD that can come from this situation if you LET IT BE exactly as it is? If I let the pain be painful instead of trying to escape it, the pain can motivate me to get healthy.
  3. How is your situation PERFECT EXACTLY AS IT IS? The pain in my body is perfect because it’s the perfect motivator to get perfectly healthy!