How To Be Physically Attractive

Let’s get real.

True beauty isn’t just an inside job. It’s important to look good on the OUTSIDE too.

Looking your best is essential for your health, your relationships, your life success, and your overall vitality.

Okay so, what does it take to be physically attractive?

The answer might surprise you….

You can’t look good in your body unless you FEEL good in your ENERGY because your body IS energy. Even science asserts that EVERYTHING is energy.

Have you ever felt that someone considered physically attractive really ISN’T all that good-looking and you don’t understand why other people think so?


Someone might be FLAWLESS but if you live with them for 6 months, that attractiveness can turn into BOREDOM and even REPULSION…. Maybe you can’t wait to GET AWAY from that person.

On the flip side, have you ever felt mysteriously drawn to someone who DOESN’T fit the usual beauty standards?

If so, that’s because attractiveness is all about… A PERSON’S ENERGY.

If someone doesn’t have the ENERGY of attractiveness, the attraction won’t hold up over time. That gorgeous, attractive person might even turn into a MONSTER when you see them as they really ARE.

The SAME person can look hideous, macabre, naturally beautiful, hip and cool, impressive, breathtaking… according to their ENERGY in that moment.

Physical flaws DON’T MAKE A PERSON UGLY. But hiding behind a fake cover DOES make a person repulsive – simply because of the MISALIGNED ENERGY they feed, circulate and broadcast within their biofield.

Okay, so now that we know real beauty is all about being REAL, how can you be REALLY and truly attractive?

Maybe you’ve tried all the fitness techniques, beauty tips, and “winning personality” strategies in the book. But nothing seems to work. That’s because you’re focusing on your outward appearance rather than the ENERGY that CREATES your outward appearance.

Since your body is energy… when you FEEL good in your body, you also LOOK good in your body.


But here’s the SURPRISING TRUTH about the energy of attractiveness:

You can become strikingly beautiful and attractive right HERE AND NOW, without doing ANYTHING to your appearance.

In fact, true beauty and attractiveness ONLY happens when you DON’T try to fix, change, or improve ANYTHING about your body image.


When you ARE exactly as you ARE, your energy is ALIGNED and HARMONIZED within the sphere of reality. This energetic HARMONY is the deeply fulfilling – feel good – magnetic attraction everyone is DESPERATELY LONGING for, whether they know it or not.

THIS MEANS: You can be IRRESISTIBLY GORGEOUS even if you’re fat, ugly, disabled, old, and dying! How is this possible?

Because you ARE as you ARE.

When you RESIST what you are or try to be someone else, you create an awkward, repelling friction that’s out of sync with reality. That icky awkward friction is felt when you interact with other people.

But when you allow yourself to FEEL how you FEEL and LOOK how you LOOK… whether ugly or beautiful… your energy becomes PURE, CLEAR, and ENERGIZING which is HIGHLY MAGNETIC.

There’s nothing wrong with self-loathing! It’s a perfectly natural response when you don’t feel good about yourself. The PROBLEM is when you PRETEND you like yourself or FEIGN CONFIDENCE you just don’t have.

Or maybe you DOWNPLAY or hide your natural beauty.

THAT’S when you find yourself doing things you don’t really want to do which isn’t fun for ANYBODY. Nothing goes right. Nature is disturbed. There’s a glitch in reality…. And that sends out a


What does a real magnetic attraction look like?

A real magnetic attraction is…

a REAL smile

a sincere laugh

a conscious opinion

authentic self- expression

taking a full breath

an honest response to a fully lived experience

enjoying all of your favorite things and saying ‘no’ to everything else.

Can wearing clothes you LOVE make the sun shine brighter, make the sky more blue, and turn the whole world into a happy place? I think it can!

When someone is genuinely attractive, they MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF TOO.

If they make you feel intimidated or insecure, you may be picking up their own insecure energy hiding behind a facade.

It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you feel. You can look and feel AMAZING when let yourself BE exactly as you ARE. You have to experience it to believe it!

“Acceptance has its own transformative magic.”
― Lama Surya Das

If you’ve ever noticed some people get YOUNGER as they get older, you know ANTI-AGING is a REAL THING too. Some 90 year olds are YOUNGER than some 30 year olds. It’s all about the energy.

But… how can you feel good in your body when you feel SO BAD?

Have you ever felt the inexplicable bliss of sinking into a soft, comfortable bed when you feel SICK, TIRED, and at your WORST? That’s EXACTLY how you feel good when you feel bad. You do what feels genuinely GOOD ACCORDING to how you feel. Now you’re aligned with reality. Now everyone can breathe a sigh of RELIEF.

Some people keep their TV turned on all day and all night while they sleep. Or maybe it’s the radio or podcasts or the news or devouring magazines…. They’re constantly plugged into the matrix. They don’t know WHO THEY ARE except by labels from social programming and other people’s opinions. They can’t feel their true feelings, they can’t think their own thoughts, and they can’t live their own life. It isn’t possible to feel good in their own skin because they aren’t actually IN their own skin. They’re so focused on PUBLIC IMAGES, they have no idea what it feels like to BE as they ARE.

The only way to feel good in your body is to actually BE in your body. When you first become aware of how you feel in your body, it might not feel very good! You might become aware of the tension in your face, or the way you strain to speak in someone else’s voice, or the uncomfortable way you sit in a chair….

When you tune in to your body, now you know what choices feel GOOD and which choices feel BAD.

When I became conscious of my body, I realized I had been sitting in a very uncomfortable chair for a whole YEAR. Then I made the effort to get rid of that chair and get a soft, cushy chair that treated my tush like ROYALTY. Why was I forcing myself to sit in an uncomfortable chair for so long? I wasn’t BODY CONSCIOUS. When you’re body conscious, you’re naturally motivated to treat your body like ROYALTY. And so do other people!

When you become BODY CONSCIOUS, an AMAZING thing starts to happen: You NATURALLY start looking for All The Best Ways to FEEL GOOD. Instant gratifications and cheap pleasures don’t work. You want the REAL DEAL.

IMPORTANT: When you allow yourself to BE as you ARE, you stop trying EARN LOVE (by looking impressive) and you stop trying to SHUT LOVE out (by looking unhealthy.) Now you’re free to really LOVE YOURSELF and you let other people love you too.

You begin to FULLY ENJOY taking care of your body – not to look good, but for the sheer bliss of FEELING good. You begin to move your body in natural, carefree ways. You walk, talk, have sex, and sleep in a way that feels relaxed, authentic, and DEEPLY SATISFYING. You rock your own original STYLE. You eat food that TOTALLY satisfies your body and you make your home exactly how you LIKE it.

It doesn’t matter if you feel good or bad because you’re always making choices that feel SPECTACULAR like a soft, comfy bed when tired…. Of course you look good too, but only because you FEEL SO GOOD in your own stunning, magnificent body.

Now you’re generating energy that feels GOOD and not BAD. People might not know why they’re so attracted to you – they just ARE! They can’t resist your pure, genuine energy that liberates them and inspires them to look and feel good too.

Looking good and feeling good are THE SAME ENERGY.