How To Make The Right Choice

As you grow from a baby into a child, teen, adult… your environment shapes and forms you into different ideologies or belief systems. Whether spiritual, religious, intellectual, political, or professional… all beliefs systems are systems of indoctrination.
Your social indoctrination comes from family, friends, culture, teachers, academics, coaches, gurus, celebrities, social media, entertainment, the news, advertisements…. It’s even in the airwaves. Mind conditioning is occurring every minute, every day, all day long… everywhere.

When you wake up in consciousness, you wake up out of your social indoctrination.

When you wake up to reality, everything you learned – from any person or source of information – can disintegrate in an instant. Thoughts and beliefs vanish into thin air when you realize they’re just an occurrence in the imagination. A thought or belief has no substance at all – no existential reality of its own. It was nothing but an illusion of the mind.
Waking up from beliefs of the mind to actual existence can feel a little scary because your entire reality structure – which developed over time in the mind – can fall apart completely like a house of cards.
You might try to hold it together for a while – for lifetimes, even – but after reality sets in, you might not know what to think, or how to feel. Who can you trust for the truth? You no longer have a person, group, belief system, or ideology that guides you or controls your life. Now you’re on your own to figure things for yourself….
It can feel scary to face reality directly because it’s the unknown. You haven’t been in reality for a long time. You don’t know if the universe is good or bad…. Most people avoid reality at all cost, but reality is the best thing that can happen to you. When you have nobody and nothing left to hold onto, now there’s a chance to experience an awakening, enlightenment – nirvana.
“The description is not the described; I can describe the mountain, but the description is not the mountain, and if you are caught up in the description, as most people are, then you will never see the mountain.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti
Now there’s a chance you can find out – from direct experience – that some kind of beautiful, wonderful natural energy force holds the entire universe together with a very high level of intelligence applied to the tiniest, most intricate detail. It’s perfect order in perfect harmony.
And that same energy force is there to guide each and every personal decision. Whether you’re deciding what food to eat, which clothes to wear, where to live, what to do with your life… you simply know who and what will bring you bliss and calm.

Circumstances don’t matter because the natural bliss of life is everywhere, in everything, at every moment – if you could stop relying on the usual advice and simply feel it throughout your whole being.

Once you’re back in your natural state of bliss and calm, the simple, unpretentious choices born from pure being in pure reality is the right choice.

The perfect solution becomes clear when you:

  1. Still the mind
  2. Feel the natural bliss of life
  3. Let the choice become clear
The right choice often goes beyond perceived limitations that put you in confusion in the first place. Or, maybe you become more flexible instead of thinking in ‘black or white’ terms.

Either way, the best choice feels calm and blissful, because that’s your attitude. You can also feel the humble yet confident power of the choice. That was the choice you wanted to make all along; you just didn’t know you could!

When your social conditioning dissolves in the mind, you reconnect with your natural common sense intelligence, You can see clearly. You can see who and what is genuine and conscious just like you. When you discover someone or something that is aware, pure, innocent – real – and you make THAT choice, life becomes a deeply satisfying experience. That’s how you experience the bliss of life in every moment, in very choice – no matter what the circumstance.
This conscious energy force that naturally guides you to bliss in every situation, any circumstance, is within you, and it’s also in the entire universe, and it’s also youthe real you. There’s nothing you have to do to get it because you already have it. You only need to release all beliefs and expectations, then see for yourself.

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