How To Resolve Conflict

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How To Resolve ALL Conflict

Believe it or not, it’s possible to resolve all forms of conflict, and in fact, you can resolve all conflict IMMEDIATELY, AND never experience conflict again.

How do you resolve all conflict immediately? By realizing there IS no conflict. That’s right. The FACT of reality is….

There IS no conflict.

Conflict is an illusion made up by humans and propagated through media programming such as books, magazines, movies, church, school, political news, social media, and the internet.

Is conflict ALWAYS an illusion? Conflict is ALWAYS an illusion.

We know conflict is an illusion from science which largely agrees that everything is ENERGY and this energy is infinite.

Thousands of years ago, enlightened masters already knew about this energy without beginning or end. One master called it Tao. Some called it the Supreme Being and other descriptions…. They also realized it’s ONE UNIFIED field of energy, and this ONE unified energy field is CONSCIOUS.

For obvious reasons, you won’t find a division within ONE unified field of energy. Even opposites work in together in TOTAL HARMONY to keep the universe functioning PERFECTLY according to fundamental laws.

The only way for there to be conflict in the ONE UNIFIED field of energy is through ILLUSION.
Us humans create all kinds of illusions to make us think conflict has a REAL, NOBLE basis for it…. But if you look at both sides of a conflict, you’ll notice that BOTH sides are fighting for justice, or fighting for what’s “right” or to defend the innocent.” BOTH sides believe they’re the GOOD guys and the other side is EVIL which of course, must be FOUGHT and destroyed!

The belief in good versus evil (among other illusions) creates conflict itself, whether it’s a war between countries, race, skin color, gender, political parties, religions, friends, family members… or even a war against drugs, viruses, cancer, pornography and ANYTHING you find yourself RESISTING. It’s the very ACT OF RESISTANCE to something AS IT IS that creates the illusion of conflict – no matter WHAT it is.

Resistance to things as they are or resistance to REALITY is the ONLY conflict there is.

When you fight against something – even if it’s a HORRIBLE thing – you aren’t fighting evil, you’re fighting REALITY. This is the illusion that creates a perception of conflict.

You might notice there’s always something RIGHT about both sides of a conflict, and there’s also something WRONG about both sides of a conflict. If you put the two RIGHT things together, you have REALITY which is in beautiful, perfect harmony with itself.

When I was in conflict between choosing HEALTHY food or food that TASTES GOOD, I eventually discovered that food can be both healthy AND taste good. I didn’t have to choose between one side or the other. Life is meant to be ENJOYED to its fullest in HARMONY without any conflict at all.

You can resolve ALL conflict immediately by ACCEPTING the REALITY of a situation – by accepting, rather than RESISTING ‘what is,’ and this includes your own honest thoughts and feelings – even if you’re in a state of RAGE.

If you don’t feel good about spending time with a certain person, but pressure yourself to spend time with them anyway… you create a perception of CONFLICT within your OWN SELF and with the other person too. But when you accept your TRUE feelings and make authentic choices… conflict immediately disappears.

If you aren’t happy at your job but repeatedly tell yourself you ARE happy, you create conflict within yourself and at your workplace. If you can accept your REAL feelings, you might start looking for a different position that you ENJOY. Now everybody’s happy!

What if you know there’s no conflict, but someone else has a problem with YOU?

Here’s the mystery: Even while you’re experiencing conflict, you don’t have to be in conflict. You can accept all things as they are, rather than resisting.

This happened between myself and a family member I love very much. I knew there was no actual problem between us. That was clear because they kept changing their story in order to BELIEVE there was a conflict…. It’s true there was no actual conflict between us. But this person’s BELIEF was a fact of reality too, and I had to respect that.
I gave that person lots of space to be upset and angry and say mean things about me to other people… while I went about my own business. I wasn’t worried about it because I knew there was no basis for the pretend conflict. I never felt any less love for this person, and I expressed that love when I felt inspired and was also given a chance. One day, that person started talking to me again as if we never had a problem at all. Wait! What happened to our HUGE WAR?” Out of the blue, it just DISAPPEARED. We didn’t need to talk through it or see a counselor or do anything at all. The conflict disappeared by itself. Why? Because it was never there in the first place. There was nothing to resolve because there was NOTHING there to resolve.

We know conflict DOESN’T EXIST, but that doesn’t mean you have to AGREE and LIKE everyone and everything. That is not GENUINE peace or harmony. That’s a FACADE.

So, what should you do if you disagree or dislike something?

The fact is, you can be AGAINST something, and you can also DISLIKE and even HATE something, without being in CONFLICT with it.

Here’s an example:

Nothing makes me rage like self-presumed spiritual teachers talking about enlightenment who clearly have not EXPERIENCED enlightenment. They only add to the endless sea of MISCONCEPTIONS already perpetuated by the populace and that creates a lot of unnecessary suffering…. HOWEVER, I realized I only feel rage when I stay quiet in my own little corner. But when I actively speak up and take time to correct these errors, I start having FUN with it! I know I’ll never correct ALL the mistakes, and that’s not my mission anyway. It just feels GOOD to utilize my skills this way, whether it helps anyone or not.

Am I AGAINST these misconceptions and manipulative teachers? Absolutely! Do I have any respect for them? Definitely not. But am I in CONFLICT with them. No way! They are an endless source of inspiration for me and give me plenty of different ways to talk about my favorite subject.

I also feel no conflict with fraudulent speakers, spiritual leaders, and popular fake teachers… because I’ve made the same mistakes myself. These things happen! Mistakes make life INTERESTING…. Even though I wouldn’t want to have drinks with these types of people, I feel no conflict with them and in fact I LIKE that they exist. Why? Because they give me something to do that I ENJOY!

This is how you can NATURALLY love your enemies. No fake displays of love necessary. And you don’t have to become FRIENDS with your enemies either. You can feel genuine harmony while remaining in complete opposition to everything they stand for.

Accepting ‘WHAT IS’ without resistance – including other people as they are AND your own honest thoughts and feelings – brings all things together because in reality, all things ALREADY function together in perfect synergy – including the beautiful harmony of opposites.