How To Still The Mind

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How To Still The Mind

The answer might surprise you.

Contrary to popular belief, living in a state of pure calm, pure tranquility, pure relaxationhas nothing to do with thoughts, beliefs, actions, feelings, or circumstances.

A “still mind” is a completely different state of consciousness, where all thoughts, beliefs, and the mind itself disappears. All illusions of time, speed, distance… disappear. All stress, worries, anxieties, and fears… disappear. You find yourself in a state of deep, infinite, pure… relaxation.

You’re so relaxed, you realize there was never any need to relax in the first place. You were always in that state of deep rest because that’s your NATURAL state of being.

You don’t have to do ANYTHING to be in your natural state, except BE.

Even if you’re in the middle of a hurricane, someone stole all of your money, you lost all loved ones, and you’re suffering from a fatal disease…. you’re still ALWAYS IN a pure, natural state of serenity and deep relaxation.

In fact, I’ve experienced the most blissful calm when I’m terribly behind on my work, tasks, and emails, people are mad at me, finances are in disarray, and I’m in the middle of moving to a different country…. I’ve got all the bases covered for textbook STRESS. And yet it feels like a day at the spa. How is this possible?

True calm doesn’t come from peaceful thoughts or peaceful circumstances. It comes from your own natural state of being. It’s always there and always available. The only thing that gets in the way is the mind.

How can you get beyond the mind to rest in your natural state of pure calm no matter what’s occurring in your life?

First I’ll need to convince you to let go of the mind.

The mind is not your friend. In fact, it’s not even your enemy. The mind simply does not exist. The mind is an imaginary holding tank for all of your social indoctrination. These are all the endless, contradictory… beliefs you were taught from family, friends, culture, books, school, religion, politics, TV, movies, social media, and the internet…. All of these imaginary beliefs need an imaginary space to reside. This is the “mind.”

The imaginary mind is different from your common sense logic and intelligence. Logic is important, but conditioned beliefs of the mind disconnect you from your natural common sense which comes from direct experience of reality – not from beliefs of the mind.

Beliefs of the mind make you think you can control reality. Trying to control, manipulate, fix, or change reality is how stress occurs.

When you expect one thing, but another thing happens, this creates an imaginary feeling of stress in the imaginary mind.

When you desire something, and you don’t get it, or you’re afraid you won’t get it, this also creates an imaginary sensation of angst in the imaginary mind.

But when you flow with and work with REALITY – instead of living in your head – now you’re in perfect peace.

For example, if you feel tired but stay up late instead of going to sleep, you’re working AGAINST reality. You’re acting against your own body. This is when tension or stress occurs.

You BELIEVED you could act against your own body without experiencing consequences. This is how beliefs of the mind disconnect you from your own common sense intelligence, your REAL feelings, and your natural state of being.

Your natural state of being wanted to go to sleep. But your beliefs got in the way. Instead of doing what your body WANTED to do, you acted AGAINST reality. And now you wonder why you feel exhausted and stressed out and unable to cope with life.

When you feel one way, but act ANOTHER way, this creates stress. When you feel tired but don’t give your body rest, now you have a PROBLEM. When you eat food that makes you sick but keep eating it, now you have a PROBLEM. When a friend doesn’t treat you right but you continue hanging out with that person, now you have a PROBLEM. When you keep ignoring your problems, your WHOLE LIFE becomes a problem. Unresolved problems lead to stress, worry, anxiety, social anxiety, panic, and fears…. Why? Because you believed you could act AGAINST reality and not experience the consequences.

Your MIND led you to do something you didn’t really WANT to do. You only THOUGHT you wanted to do it, because a commercial or an agenda made you BELIEVE you wanted to do something different from your NATURAL STATE OF BEING.

Note: All beliefs are an ILLUSION because beliefs are not reality. Beliefs are imaginary ideas ABOUT reality, occurring in the imaginary mind.

When you realize beliefs of the mind ALWAYS act against reality and don’t even exist, maybe that will convince you to stop believing your beliefs. Once you stop relying on the MIND to solve your problems and make you happy – which it can’t do because it doesn’t exist – you can live in pure calm – ALL the time.

How can you let go of the mind and experience pure calm no matter what your circumstances? You’ll need to stop believing your beliefs and stop trusting the mind. It’s easy to do this when you become aware of what your mind does to you. The socially programmed mind controls your life, causes you to act against reality, act against your real intelligence and act against your real feelings. The mind can even torture you, which it does for many people. Yet, people STILL listen to their mind and continue to feed the mind with social indoctrination.

However, RESISTING the mind doesn’t work either. Resisting the mind doesn’t work because the mind is IMAGINARY. There’s nothing THERE to resist. When you RESIST something that isn’t there, you create another imaginary problem in the imaginary mind.

An imaginary problem in the imaginary mind can NEVER be resolved, no matter what you do! Maybe you’ve experienced this.

You can simply IGNORE the mind, because it isn’t there in the first place. If you look for the mind and all of its contents… you won’t find it!

Sure, there’s a human brain which stores memory but if you look for those memories, you won’t find your memories either. The past is completely dead and GONE. This means that memories are ILLUSIONS, just like indoctrinated beliefs are illusions. They simply do not exist. There’s nothing there to remember or believe, and there’s nothing there to NOT remember or believe. There’s simply NOTHING THERE.

When you MEDITATE, you’re in the pure calm of REALITY. You can watch all thoughts racing through the mind like you’re watching a MOVIE. And it’s quite the comedy drama! While you’re meditating, all thoughts eventually fade out – because they aren’t there in the first place.

When you meditate or when you DIRECTLY experience life, now you can act from your natural, common sense intelligence. If you see a REAL problem, you NATURALLY resolve that problem instantly.

Your body feels tired, so you naturally go to sleep. You’re hungry, so you find food to eat. You don’t like your job, so you look for a different job. Your friend betrays you, so you look for a better friend….

Life is GREAT when you live in REALITY. It’s only when you act AGAINST reality and your REAL feelings that you CREATE problems instead of RESOLVE problems with your natural common sense intelligence.

There’s nothing to worry about – ever – because you NATURALLY take care of any problem that shows up. That’s just what you do. Even in the midst of a problem, you feel perfect calm, and even JOY. Life problems are BEAUTIFUL because they give you something to do. They contribute to the adventures of being ALIVE and experiencing LIFE.

Instead of worrying about a problem, you enjoy figuring out a solution to the problem. There‚Äôs nothing more FUN than getting out a notebook, brainstorming ideas, and discovering the perfect solution to a problem – such as going to sleep when you’re tired! You may not even need a notebook.

Even if your life is FULL of nothing BUT problems, when you’re in your natural state of pure calm, you can see CLEARLY what to do next.

Sometimes you can solve ALL of your problems all at once. All it takes is a simple awakening to the present moment reality. Ah, now you feel pure calm and now you can SEE. The solution is so clear now.

It’s only when you IGNORE problems or act AGAINST reality, that problems become a problem.

The vast majority of humans live in the imaginary mind, not reality. Very few are able to see the illusion of the mind and live from direct experience in the present moment. But those few rest in their NATURAL state of pure calm and infinite tranquility – no matter what their circumstances. When you feel pure calm, you know you’re experiencing REALITY.

“Happy he stands, happy he sits, happy sleeps, and happy he comes and goes. Happy he speaks and happy he eats. This is the life of a man at peace.” Ashtavakra Gita 18.59