How To Stop Working And Start Living

Say goodbye to your boring job and discover YOUR LIFE PASSION with this daily awareness technique.

Do you ever feel trapped between two life choices you don’t want?

Do you believe you have to work at a job or else starve and become homeless?

This is a common way humans view life. But it’s also a MISERABLE way to live.

You might find yourself going back and forth between those two unwanted choices. First you want a job; then you want to get out of that job. But then you need a job!

Just Get A Job?

After a surprising amount of stress and effort, you find a job and that job pays the bills.

Eventually, however, you start dreaming about winning the lottery, going on vacation, AND NEVER COMING BACK. Or maybe your fantasy is an early retirement. Or maybe you dream of marrying a sugar daddy or a sugar mama.

Maybe you really do marry someone rich. Then you feel guilty because you aren’t working. Maybe you feel shame because you don’t have a college degree. Maybe you’re struggling to find self-worth because you aren’t a “CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF SOCIETY.” Or maybe you’re just plain BORED without a job.

So then you start dreaming of getting a “normal” job again.

Whether literally or in your mind, you are stuck in a conflict between two terrible choices:


In this back and forth conundrum, THE PROBLEM NEVER GETS RESOLVED. This deeply embedded belief pattern is always torturing you AND CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE – whether you’re aware of the conflict or not.

How did our beautiful, creative, brilliant existence get turned into a CONFLICT between two unwanted choices?

As always, the conflict is in the MIND.

From the moment you’re born, the work slave program is continually REINFORCED in your mind from repeated observations and statements:
  • Parents are always busy working.
  • Teachers and caretakers are always busy working.
  • Make sure you get to school on time!
  • Do your homework.
  • Do your chores.
  • Study for the test.
  • Get good grades!
  • Go to college.
  • Ace your exams.
  • Doctor your resume.
  • Look sharp for job interviews.
  • You better get a job!
  • You better KEEP that job.
  • Hustle!
  • KEEP hustling!
A repeating work slave pattern in the mind causes you to associate ACTION WITH HARD WORK. Guess what happens THEN?

When you learn to associate ACTION WITH HARD WORK, eventually you will:

Move your body ONLY FOR A REWARD

Or only from a perception of fear, guilt, or lust.


when you get tired or disillusioned with those incentives.

You forget ENTIRELY how to move your body


Is it a struggle to get off the couch? That may be the work slave program controlling your life.

There are very real punishments if you don’t join the workforce.

Rewards are used to entice you into the work slave program. If you are not an official member of the workforce, you will not receive the REWARDS: You won’t have enough money to SURVIVE. You won’t have food. You will be homeless. You can’t have cool clothes. And you can’t have nice things.

Nearly EVERY HUMAN ON THIS PLANET is a member of the workforce. Those who don’t join the workforce are considered a drain on society, a freeloader, a beggar, a good-for-nothing nobody….

If you don’t have an official job in the workforce, you are forever trapped in STRESS, WORRY, FEAR, GUILT, SHAME, and PRESSURE from friends, family, TV, media, and people you DON’T EVEN KNOW to get out there and EARN YOUR LIVING.

But wait a minute. Are you really supposed to EARN your living?

What do your human ancestors say? Your ancestors might say you have to work by the sweat of your brow and go through periods of starvation and plagues and fight other nations and then MAYBE you MIGHT survive past the age of 30. YIKES!

But is the struggle to survive REALITY? Or is that a belief ABOUT reality?

If you believe you have to strive, struggle, and fight for your survival, life won’t be very fun for you. It can even cause anxiety, conflict, or illness. And… you may always remain a wage slave working for ‘The Man’ even LONG AFTER YOU RETIRE because the CONFLICT REMAINS IN THE MIND.

Do You Really Have To Work To Survive?

Is it true that you have to stress, struggle, or work hard to survive?
Which one is REALITY? And which one is only a BELIEF about reality?

Or…. Is life whatever you make it?

You can’t just make life do whatever you want it to do. Reality – the basic essence of life – can’t be created, controlled, changed, or destroyed.

Reality is REALITY.

Have you ever dropped a sledge hammer on your bare foot and not hurt your foot? The reality is that you will damage your foot in some way. And there’s nothing you can do to change the facts or the physical laws of nature.

People who think they can “create their reality” or “create any life they want” are only creating a lot of delusions ABOUT reality. They aren’t changing A THING about ACTUAL REALITY. Sure, it’s possible to live in a delusion, at least for a while. But REALITY WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU SOONER OR LATER.

So… what is the REALITY about work?

Reality is reality and will always be reality.

But PERCEPTIONS or BELIEFS about reality are just a MYTH.

And myths can be ERASED.

Is Work A Myth Or Reality?

Work is a PURE MYTH.

What if I told you that… in REALITY… there’s NO SUCH THING AS WORK?

Work simply does not EXIST.

What if you found out that work is PURELY a CONCEPT OF THE MIND – NOT reality?

REAL work isn’t work at all. REAL work actually gets things done immediately and efficiently with EFFORTLESS, INSPIRED PASSION. But that’s not work. That’s called PLAY. Or, CREATIVE PLAY.

Now see, you ALWAYS KNEW there was something wrong with the work mentality, which is why you dread going to school or work. While we’re on the subject, you also don’t like waking up to an alarm. And if you could be REALLY honest with yourself, you have some resentment toward parents, relatives, your boss, clients, or anyone who makes any kind of demands on you to… WORK.
Why? Because WORK is not your true nature. That’s the nature of a MASTER SLAVE relationship, in which BOTH the master and the slave are SLAVES TO THE CONCEPT OF WORK driven by fear, guilt, and greed.

The concept of work is actually an illusion. And it’s nothing BUT an illusion.

Have you ever noticed that when you work, you never produce at the level of your output? You PUT OUT A LOT of energy and resources to work, only to produce something rather pointless or meaningless. Or you WORK ONLY TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CONCEPT OF WORK.

How many jobs exist only to HELP PEOPLE DO THEIR JOB?

The Tragic Waste Of Human Energy

For every job you do, you might notice that you waste a lot of energy:
  • planning for the job
  • worrying about the job
  • getting dressed for the job
  • getting to the job place
  • obtaining, maintaining, and cleaning the job place
  • obtaining the right tools, supplies, and contacts for the job
  • trying to work harmoniously with other people on the job
  • going to meetings about the job
  • learning and training for the job
  • impressing the boss and clients
  • defining the job
  • managing the job
  • managing the management for the job
  • securing benefits for the job
  • filing complaints about the job
  • providing customer service for the job
  • fixing problems related to the job
  • continuously redoing or troubleshooting the job
  • recovering from stress and fatigue from the job
Maybe you also waste time on social media or computer games while the boss isn’t watching. Or you waste time ONLY TALKING about your work or complaining to your marriage partner about your work colleagues. Or you can’t sleep at night because you’re THINKING about your job.

With all of your energy expenditure, you accomplished VERY LITTLE ACTUAL WORK. And that work doesn’t even benefit you. It doesn’t even benefit other people.

Your work output primarily or directly benefits the BUSINESS or the MISSION or the PROFITSall of which are ALSO MYTHS. These entities don’t actually EXIST except as CONCEPTUAL AGREEMENTS in the MINDS of the masses which is a collective PERCEPTION of reality – not reality itself.

Yet nearly every person sacrifices the majority of their life for a non-existent entity called an organization, a company, or job which ultimately WASTES A LOT OF ENERGY AND RESOURCES.

You might find a pattern developing in your life

in which it takes you A VERY LONG TIME



Before you get one little thing DONE.

This is a TRAINED behavior pattern.

The Worst Tragedy Of All

But the worst tragedy of all is that you are primarily ONLY WORKING FOR THE MONEY.
Sure, money is nice, except that it seems to MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR. There’s a reason for that.

You have to use a significant part of your income to pay off your education, buy clothes for work, maintain your means of transportation, upgrade technology and personal training, and pay for entertainment or therapy to manage work stress….


You won’t believe how much money you spend on REPLENISHING YOUR PLEASURE LEVELS due to the mental, emotional, and physical toll paid into the slave labor program – EVEN IF YOU AREN’T WORKING.

When humans neglect THEIR LIFE PASSION for the work slave program, the whole world suffers. The quality of products and services suffer. The level of life enjoyment suffers. Business ethics suffers. Systems functionality suffers. Finally, your life passion suffers and then you become DEPENDENT on the work slave program. Now you’re stuck in a VICIOUS CYCLE.

Your Life Passion

Not only are you wasting your resources, your energy, and your LIFE on work, you are also wasting away your LIFE PASSIONyour most VALUABLE ASSET and your GREATEST CONTRIBUTION TO THE PLANET.

Your life passion is the REAL work, the REAL energy force



It’s your passion. It’s your drive, your excitement, your soul.

Your life passion is EFFORTLESS EFFORT.

It’s your passion for LIFE ITSELF.

Your life passion changes EVERYTHING.

REAL work is actually PLAY. Real work is effortless passion. It can’t even be called work. It’s being creative. It’s expressing yourself. It’s the THRILL of building things, growing things, caring for things, sharing things…. It’s ENJOYING THE BRILLIANCE OF YOUR PERSONAL SKILLS AND INTERESTS. You’re always excited to learn something new about your life passion in an active, hands on, FUN way.

When you discover your life passion you realize that life isn’t a boring classroom. It’s a PLAYGROUND. Life isn’t a slave labor camp. It’s a crazy science lab. An art studio. A culture experiment. A philosophical discussion…. Life is a GAME. And you’re here to PLAY.

  • What if you really COULD DO WHAT YOU LOVE?
  • What if you would ENJOY and HAVE A BLAST living your passion EVEN AGAINST ALL ODDS?

What if you KNEW WITHOUT ANY DOUBT that your actions will ABSOLUTELY and IMMEDIATELY SUCCEED because you are THAT passionate and THAT confident about it?

What if you hardly have time to eat, sleep, shop, or socialize because you are TOTALLY and PASSIONATELY ENGAGED in the PROJECTS YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE? That’s your life passion!

What’s the point of incarnating into a human body on this planet just to join a SLAVE LABOR CAMP? The whole idea is ridiculous and full of suffering when you think about it. And yet humans join the slave labor workforce WILLINGLY.


And humans become anxious and depressed when they GO TO WORK.

That’s the REAL mental illness.

The only way out of the slave labor program is to let go of the PERCEIVED CONFLICT BETWEEN WORK AND PLAY.

This means combining work and play into A WHOLE NEW WAY OF AUTHENTIC BEING.

Remember, the conflict is IN THE PROGRAMMED MIND.

The conflict is also a MYTH.

And myths of the mind can BE ERASED.

Sometimes all it takes to deprogram from the slave labor program is to BECOME AWARE of the illusion. And sometimes it takes a process or a crisis to deprogram from this deeply embedded, powerful belief which controls the collective consciousness.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Is it a JOY and PLEASURE to nurture your body, grow food, build shelters, consciously design, fairly trade, or contribute something beautiful to other humans…?

Or has life become A LABORIOUS CHORE you learned in early childhood when you had to wash dishes, take out the trash, and do homework instead of play on the playground BECAUSE THE ADULTS IN YOUR LIFE DIDN’T ENJOY WORK AND YOU SHOULD BE MISERABLE TOO?

Do you wake up in the morning and think, “OH GOD, not another day” but fear, guilt, or greed gets you out of bed?

Or do you wake up excited to learn, organize, develop, and design?

Your answers don’t matter to anyone except YOU. Only you can be honest with yourself about these questions.
The following awareness technique can help you break free from the slave labor program and remember YOUR NATURAL EXCITEMENT TO INCARNATE INTO YOUR BEAUTIFUL HUMAN FORM AND PLAY ON THIS BEAUTIFUL PLAYGROUND CALLED PLANET EARTH.

Daily Practice Instructions

Please read these instructions before starting the Daily Practice.

  • You can write your answers to the daily practice questions in a journal, or talk about your answers with a therapist, create art with your answers, or otherwise safely express them.
  • You can do the daily practice the same time every day or any time you’re suffering.
  • Expect some resistance to this daily practice! It takes generally 3 – 6 weeks to DEPROGRAM from hardcore beliefs.
  • Focus on ONE issue at a time to avoid confusion.
  • Do ALL questions until you feel FABULOUS. You can get trapped in suffering if you do not complete a whole round of questions.
  • When you complete the integration process, you should feel AMAZING. If you don’t feel absolutely AMAZING, your issue has not yet been integrated.
  • If you don’t fully integrate your issue, that’s okay. Just one round of questions can help you feel better immediately. Feeling a little better allows you to go deeper into your issue each day until it’s fully integrated.
  • If you commit to the daily practice until it ‘clicks’ – until you remember it’s your NATURAL survival mechanism – you can heal LIFETIMES of suffering IMMEDIATELY.

Daily Practice

Say goodbye to your boring job and discover YOUR LIFE PASSION with this daily awareness technique.

  1. Whether you have a job or not, what is YOUR CURRENT LIFE OCCUPATION? What do you spend most of your life doing when you aren’t sleeping?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, HOW MUCH DO YOU ENJOY this life occupation?
  3. WHICH FEELINGS drive your current life occupation? Fear, guilt, self-doubt, overwhelm, responsibility, neediness, lust, desire, boredom, apathy, anger, curiosity, creative inspiration, joy, passion, all of the above?
  4. What do these feelings tell you that you DON’T LOVE?
  5. What do these feelings tell you that you REALLY LOVE?
  6. If you could do anything you want with your life, what would CONSISTENTLY INSPIRE YOU?

Daily Practice Example

  1. Whether you have a job or not, what is YOUR CURRENT LIFE OCCUPATION? What do you spend most of your life doing when you aren’t sleeping? Cooking, cleaning, talking on the phone, planning special events, driving kids to school and activities, staring at the wall.
  2. On a scale of 1-10, HOW MUCH DO YOU ENJOY this life occupation? 4
  3. WHICH FEELINGS drive your current life occupation? Fear, guilt, self-doubt, overwhelm, responsibility, neediness, lust, desire, boredom, apathy, anger, curiosity, creative inspiration, joy, passion, all of the above? Responsibility, overwhelm, fear, self-doubt, joy
  4. What do these feelings tell you that you DON’T LOVE? I don’t love being a stay at home parent.
  5. What do these feelings tell you that you REALLY LOVE? I would really love to hire a house cleaner and nanny, spend less time in the kitchen, and do something with my communication skills.
  6. If you could do anything you want with your life, what would CONSISTENTLY INSPIRE YOU? An occupation in communications as an event planner.
  7. How can you TANGIBLY START DIRECTING YOUR ENERGY AND ATTENTION to your INSPIRED PASSION? I can start offering my skills as an event planner for friends and family to enjoy my passion and develop my skills. I can offer to make necessary phone calls, buy party decorations, send out invitations, and take care of event details!