Awaken To Nirvana

You can take a sip of tea or you can be AWARE you’re taking a sip of tea. One little sip of tea is enlightenment – if you’re aware.

The misconception about enlightenment is that it will make you a boring, moralistic, spiritual celibate but the truth is that waking up will make you a true human who is alive and badass beyond imagination.

You can look at a tree in your yard every day and even stare at it all day long, but never actually see the tree. Then one day, you can’t believe the wonder and magnificence of that tree. You can’t believe something so amazing is growing right out of the ground…. That’s enlightenment.

Enlightenment won’t make you happy. It will make you AWARE. You might become aware of just UNHAPPY you really are…. But awareness allows you to make bold, authentic, deeply fulfilling life choices… and that takes happiness to a whole new level which zen masters call BLISS.

As you awaken in consciousness, you start becoming aware that every little choice you make has a very significant impact – not only on your life but the whole world.

It’s a myth that you have to raise your frequency to reach nirvana. Many have become unimaginably blissful through depression. Enlightenment is about being real and true – not disassociated or happy with your head in the clouds.