Experience Real Relationships

What you really want is… real love.

Real love survives both metaphorical death and literal death.

Real love is bored to tears with “normal, healthy, happy relationships.”

Real love wants the real thing.

If it’s the right person for you…

Your relationship issues and heartbreaks are the CATALYST to true self realization and real intimacy.

A good relationship isn’t about how much you have in common or how much you agree about life or how well you can sacrifice yourselves for each other....

It’s about REAL LOVE.

It’s about your level of CONSCIOUS AUTHENTICITY.

If it’s a good relationship, it will DESTROY you. It will destroy everything false in you until you realize your highest potential and experience the bliss of living true.

Real love means turning yourselves inside out,

Exploring your deepest darkness together and

Reaching your highest potential together.

Real Love.

There’s nothing you can do to create it.

There’s nothing you can do to lose it.

You either have it or you don’t.

Your love is real – or it isn’t.