Don’t worry about money.

Instead, focus on doing what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

And only BUY what you absolutely love.

The universe has a mysterious way of supporting what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE, as long as you make it a priority.

If money, friends, or family are an obstacle to living your life passion, you have not yet discovered your life passion.

True business is about true friendship. This is why your business meetings suck.

Achieving your life dream only looks impossible because you’ve built a life around false life goals and relationships.

Money isn’t wealth. Money isn’t fortune, luxury, prosperity, or abundance. Money isn’t comfort, happiness, freedom, or security. Money is a human concept empowered by mass belief. A lack of money creates suffering. Too much money destroys your ability to feel life. In reality, money is just a tool to experience the bliss of life and express your life passion – nothing more and nothing less. To end fear and pain around money, focus on the beautiful things money is used for instead of getting distracted with the tool.