Transform Laziness Into Inspired Action

One of my favorite things in life is my meditation ritual. I use this time to deeply relax with beautiful music, clear my mind, and also learn from enlightened masters.

When I meditate, I bathe in the bliss of serenity and feel the intense love of the masters. I get filled with inspired creativity and the nirvana of life itself.

Nothing feels as good to me as meditation and the love of the Masters – not even a hot bath, sex, or wine.

Each day, I look forward to watching the internet live stream from my favorite zen master like I’m a kid getting ready for Disneyland. I organize my home, do my beauty routine, make my favorite tea, and shut off all distractions. I get comfortable with pillows, my laptop and earphones, then I wait with excited anticipation for the live stream to begin.

When my teacher appears on the screen, my hands involuntarily form a reverent namaste bow. I hang on his every word and even his silence. If there are technical difficulties and the live stream gets cut off, sometimes I start crying REAL TEARS.

This is the kind of passionate intensity we all feel for our favorite things in life. For you, maybe it’s an actual trip to Disneyland. Or maybe it’s going on a date with your partner. Or a special Netflix show, SoundCloud song, or VR game. Or maybe it’s designing, planning, or eating at your favorite restaurant….

Whatever your favorite thing is, it will make you feel good – REALLY good – and that good feeling radiates through your whole life.

You can’t help but focus on every tiny detail of your favorite thing. It becomes your WORLD. The entire universe seems to celebrate with you. It feels like it’s made just for you. It’s WRITTEN IN THE STARS.

You feel intense excitement and anticipation for your favorite thing, and you cry deep bitter tears if something keeps you from it. Your favorite thing makes you feel alive, immortal, honored, safe and protected, provided for, and always INSPIRED. It never gets old.

If you haven’t discovered your favorite thing, drop everything until you do. Your favorite thing is life ITSELF. Settling for anything less simply doesn’t work. Other choices end in disappointment, boredom, stress, fatigue, regret, or failure.

To find your favorite thing, forget all responsibilities, find some solitude, close your eyes, and get honest with yourself. What do you REALLY LOVE?

After you experience the bliss of your FAVORITE THING, you realize you were meant to experience EVERYTHING in life with that same level of inspired excitement. That’s right – EVERYTHING. The people you talk to, the home you live in, every song you listen to, the store you shop at, each item of clothing on your body, every bite of food you eat…. Every moment and every action is meant to be filled with sweet anticipation, spontaneous bliss, and deep painful longing!

This is what life is. This is what it means to be ALIVE.

When you find your favorite thing, it feels so good and exactly just for you that you CAN’T SETTLE for anything less. You naturally start looking for ALL of your favorite things in life.

Make YOUR FAVORITE THINGS your top priority and your ONLY priority. Don’t worry about how it will happen or show up in your life. The Cosmos will take care of that. The universe supports ALL THINGS TRUE in unexpected ways.

Bottom line: Find your favorite things and commit to them with unrelenting passion. Let everything else go.

Not only will you become totally inspired, it’s the only way to live.