What About Money

An integration technique to break free from the illusion of money so you can live your life dream.

If you think that endless supplies of money will solve all your problems and make you happy forever, you are one of the many people who have fallen for the greatest lie ever told.

Rich people might APPEAR happy, beautiful, and successful. But people who are intuitive can see right through them. A rich person’s life is an entirely different story behind their PR team or their public image.

Can wealth make you happy, beautiful, and successful?

The reality is that excess of any kind can DESTROY you.

Excess can destroy your sensitivity to life and your ability to FEEL LIFE. It can destroy your creativity, your originality, your unique sense of style, fashion, and taste for QUALITY. Excess can kill your very LIFE FORCE ENERGY and natural common sense intelligence.


When you live in excess, you will always be grasping for instant gratification just to FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL.

When you live in excess, you forget what it feels like to be thirsty and to FULLY ENJOY the INFINITE BLISS of a SIMPLE SIP of fresh, cold water. If you never feel hungry, how can you enjoy food? If there’s no silence, how can you enjoy music? If you have everything, how can you enjoy anything?

You’ve broken all the boundaries of pleasure just to feel a short-lived orgasm but you have NO IDEA what it feels like to experience the intense passion of a SIMPLE HUMAN TOUCH.

Excess isn’t wealth at all. Excess is POVERTY.

Excess is poverty of the worst kind, because you don’t realize how poor and enslaved you really are. You start to believe your OWN FACADE.

Why is excess so miserable? Because wealth, abundance, and luxury are an ILLUSION.

Poverty, lack, and loss are ALSO AN ILLUSION.

The REALITY is that everything is ENERGY. Energy can’t be destroyed and energy can’t be created. You can’t LOSE it. And you can’t get MORE.

Energy simply IS. You can only FULLY ENJOY your existence. Or you can MISS OUT on the BEAUTIFUL AMAZING WONDER called YOUR LIFE.

How do you want to experience your existence? Do you want to actually EXPERIENCE the NECTAR OF LIFE? Or do you want to be controlled by OPPRESSIVE, ARBITRARY CONCEPTS called WEALTH and POVERTY?

The ability to enjoy the freedom and BLISS of a simple, high-quality, deeply fulfilling life – also known as nirvana – is the only REAL WEALTH.


Just like wealth, hoarding is another form of poverty.

Hoarding, accumulating, and consuming comes from the conditioned belief that RESOURCES ARE LIMITED and people have to FIGHT for them. This isn’t just a terrible way to live. It isn’t even true.

Remember, energy can’t die and it can’t be created. Energy also can’t be POSSESSED or STOLEN. These are ridiculous human ideas that don’t make any sense at all. Does a tree have to steal rain from another tree to survive? Does a tree have to earn its existence by working for a corporation? Of course not. A tree simply EXISTS in all of its natural glory as the whole universe FREELY supports it through a system of NATURAL EXCHANGE.

The best way to cure your stress, fear, and pain associated with money is to FULLY ENJOY YOUR SIMPLE EXISTENCE.

You generate what you experience. When you GENUINELY ENJOY your existence, you NATURALLY GENERATE ENJOYMENT in the universal system of NATURAL EXCHANGE. That means GENUINE ENJOYMENT COMES BACK TO YOU.

The simple life.

You might challenge yourself to go through all of your possessions and give away EVERYTHING you haven’t used in the last 3 months. You won’t BELIEVE the immense amount of FREEDOM, TRANQUILITY, and BLISS you will feel.

When you focus ONLY on what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND NEED, you won’t need much and now you’re FREE to ENJOY life and naturally GIVE from that ENJOYMENT. #realwealth

Natural Exchange.

You were programmed to believe you had to EARN your existence. Earn your existence? Are you a slave? Why should you have to EARN what IS? You exist and therefore you have a RIGHT to exist. All of nature and the universe and everything that IS supports your existence and naturally provides everything you need. And you naturally do the same. You support nature and the universe just by BREATHING. The whole network is beautifully and naturally interconnected, and supportive of its own existence.
Have you ever wondered why money even exists? Let’s say you have a big pile of cash sitting in your living room. No matter how big that pile of cash gets, it will never be real, actual food. It will never be able to get up off the floor and build a house for you. You can’t use it as clothing or to heat your home (unless you burn it.) And that pile of cash certainly can’t give you real love. But you’ve been programmed to BELIEVE that money can do ALL OF THOSE THINGS and that you NEED money to do those things. Money is one of the world’s GREATEST illusions. This is why you will ALWAYS have fear and pain around the money SYSTEM – because it isn’t REAL. The money matrix is a delusional ‘middle man’ that likes to control people out of insecurity to feel important and live off the talents of everyone else.

Money is neither good nor evil. Money is neutral and you can use it any way you’d like. But the MONEY MATRIX is an illusion and a TRAP.

Is the money system real wealth? Of course not. The money matrix isn’t even real. Something that isn’t real can NEVER give you REAL wealth. The money matrix is only a powerful ILLUSION that APPEARS real – forever tantalizing you to grasp for it while never fulfilling its promises.

Real wealth has NOTHING to do with the amount of money in your bank account. It’s the ABILITY TO DEEPLY ENJOY LIFE starting RIGHT NOW – no matter how much money you have or don’t have.

Lack is an illusion created by a few people who attempt to control the planet’s resources. But have you noticed the planet’s resources are always naturally replenishing themselves and never run out? NO ONE can control the food as long as you can plant some seeds and LET IT GROW AND REPLENISH ITSELF.


Life was NEVER meant to be a “struggle to survive” and that is exactly what life is NOT. But you BELIEVE it is, so that’s what you experience.

When you feel stress, fear, and pain from the illusion of LACK, it creates delusional DESIRES for excess and clutter. Wealth and “financial security” might feel satisfying for a while – until the next stock market crash. Then you’re ready to commit SUICIDE. The money system is a powerful, enticing TRAP which siphons your personal power and freedom and feeds off YOUR energy.

This is why the fear and pain of money are NEVER satisfied, even if you’re the richest person on the planet. There IS no lack and this is why you can never ALLEVIATE the pain of lack. You are forever trying to revolve something that doesn’t exist!

ALL beliefs about lack, loss, poverty, money, wealth, abundance… have to DIE in order to experience a REAL LIFE OF FREEDOM and a life that you HONESTLY LOVE AND ENJOY.

Don’t think it’s possible? It certainly is NOT possible as long as you view happiness in terms of having or not having money. Once you break free from the ILLUSIONS of wealth and poverty, you realize freedom and fully enjoying your life was ALWAYS THE NATURAL WAY OF THE UNIVERSE.

Real wealth isn’t riches and it isn’t poverty. It’s enjoying EXACTLY the things you absolutely LOVE, NEED, AND WANT – nothing more and nothing less.

When you find something you ABSOLUTELY LOVE, you simultaneously find something that you NATURALLY SHARE with the rest of the world – NATURAL EXCHANGE.

When you commit to ONLY buying, talking about, and giving WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE, your life will naturally generate and always be filled with ALL THE THINGS YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE –


Filling your life with your favorite things isn’t magic or wishful thinking. It’s pure, common sense: When you commit to GENUINELY ENJOYING your favorite things, your life naturally gets filled with YOUR FAVORITE THINGS! All of your thoughts, actions, and relationships adjust to your PRIORITIES.

What you experience NOW is what you GENERATE in your life.

You can start genuinely enjoying your life right this very moment, even if the only thing you have is your BREATH.


Daily Practice Instructions

Please read these instructions before starting the Daily Practice.

  • You can journal, talk it out, create art, or SAFELY EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS any way you’d like.
  • Focus on ONE issue at a time to keep it simple.
  • Expect RESISTANCE to this daily practice! Resistance can take the form of being too busy, overwhelmed, or confused to do the Daily Practice.
  • It generally takes 3 – 6 weeks to DEPROGRAM from POWERFUL SOCIAL CONDITIONING that trains you to numb, escape, distrust, or be afraid of your feelings.
  • When you complete a full round of questions, you should feel AMAZING. If you don’t feel absolutely AMAZING, your issue has not yet been integrated.
  • Just one round of questions can help you feel better IMMEDIATELY. Feeling a little better allows you to go deeper into your issue each day until it’s FULLY INTEGRATED and you FEEL FABULOUS.

Daily Practice

An integration technique to break free from the illusion of money so you can live your life dream.
  1. Think of a painful situation related to money that you experienced or are experiencing.
  2. How does belief in the money system damage your self-confidence, your health, career, or a relationship?
  3. What does that painful experience with money tell you that you REALLY love and value?
  4. What can you start doing immediately in order to EXPERIENCE what you really love and value?

Daily Practice Example

  1. Think of a painful situation related to money that you experienced or are experiencing. I didn’t have designer clothes or get anything I wanted like my friends in childhood.
  2. How does belief in the money system damage your self-confidence, your health, your career, or a relationship? I felt inferior to and jealous of my friends. I started to believe that I didn’t deserve nice things. I thought I would always have to settle for cheap things and struggle to stretch a small amount of money as far as I could.
  3. What does that painful experience with money tell you that you REALLY love and value? I really value NICE THINGS of high quality. I want to genuinely value and actively enjoy quality things without guilt or need for excess.
  4. What can you start doing immediately in order to EXPERIENCE what you really love and value? I can refuse to settle for crap and start enjoying and taking good care of the few quality possessions I already own. As my focus shifts from cheap quality to high quality, I know my contributions to others and my life experiences will reflect the same high quality!