Why Do You Keep Failing?

CATEGORY: Career Success
Why do you keep failing?
The answer might surprise you.

It becomes very clear that success is an illusion as soon as you achieve success. Why? The moment you reach a goal, you realize there’s another goal to work for, and anotheranother… and another….

Or, now you have to MAINTAIN the success you achieved. Every time you reach a goal, you need to get BACK TO WORK to maintain that goal or achieve the next one….

The chase after success never ends, because you never actually REACH success.

You never actually REACH success because life isn’t static. Life is constantly changing. Your success in this moment only lasts… a MOMENT. Then it’s over. Gone. POOF!

But you CAN experience success right HERE and NOW – always. In fact, this is the ONLY success there is.

To experience CONTINUOUS success right here and now, you will need to get real with yourself and choose the ACTION that inspires you and feels FABULOUS. Not in 10 minutes, not after 10 reps – right NOW. No matter WHAT that action is. Whether you’re reading this post, sitting at your desk, listening to music, talking to a friend, or SLEEPING…

Are you enjoying a SUCCESSFUL action right now? Is it genuinely fulfilling? Does it make you feel good and proud? Does it add joy and security to your life? If yes, keep making those kinds of choices. You will always be successful! No matter WHAT you do.

For most people success is just a thought, an IDEA. It’s an illusion of the mind you HOPE will occur in the FUTURE. But there is no future. It’s always RIGHT NOW.

A thought or belief ABOUT success is not ACTUAL success. Real success is a real life EXPERIENCE occurring NOW.

An IDEA or plan or goal for the future is ALWAYS an illusion because you’re not actually EXPERIENCING it right here and now.

When you work toward success instead of being successful RIGHT NOW, you’re constantly chasing an ILLUSION. And the illusion never comes. This is how the PURSUIT of success is actually FAILURE. You’re always working but RARELY achieving.

Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Are you always talking or dreaming but never doing?

If you find yourself talking about what you’re GOING to do, success will never happen for you. If you make plans to achieve a goal tomorrow or next month or in five years… success will never happen for you. Why? Because the future never happens. It’s always RIGHT NOW.

If you aren’t successful in this very momentno matter WHAT you’re doing – you won’t ever achieve success.

Let me put that another way. If you aren’t fully enjoying what you’re inspired to do right here and now, you will NEVER experience success in actual reality.

Success can ONLY happen here and now, because ‘here and now’ is the only reality.